Voith announced that will supply Nine Dragons with three XcelLine paper machines for the production of high performance testliner and white top testliner.

Julia Schaefer, Global Communication Manager for Voith Paper told PaperAge that at this time Voith is not authorized to state the location(s) of the mill(s) where the new machines will be installed.

The planned daily production volume of the three identical paper machines is especially high — approximately 2,400 metric tons each, at production speeds of 1,400 m/min.

"We are delighted to have received the orders from China's largest packaging paper manufacturer, Nine Dragons, and we look forward to our renewed collaboration on a partnership basis," said Hanson Zhao, Vice President Sales & Application Asia at Voith Paper.

Each machine will be equipped with a DuoFormer DII E, which allows for the required speed with high basis weights at the same time. The press sections each feature a Triple NipcoFlex press, which ensures excellent surface smoothness of white top liner.

Due to the double unwind configuration and a fully automated full reel change, the high-performance TwinDrive winder enables fast and efficient winding and thereby ensures a winder capacity that is up to 20 percent higher than conventional unwinding systems, Voith noted.

The commissioning of the machines is planned for 2022 and 2023.

Voith Paper, part of the Voith Group, is the full-line supplier to the paper industry, providing a wide range of technologies, services, components and products, and offers paper manufacturers solutions from a single source. To learn more, visit: www.voith.com.


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