GRAZ, JANUARY 30, 2024.  Taiwanese tissue producer Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Products Co., Ltd. has successfully started up a new ANDRITZ PrimeLineCOMPACT tissue production line at its mill in Chingshui. 

Mr. Tang Mingfa, Vice General Manager, Yuen Foong Yu says: “The start-up went smoothly and precisely to schedule. This new line is of utmost importance to us as it increases both the quantity and quality of our household paper production and strengthens our competitiveness on the global market. It perfectly aligns with our vision of high quality and sustainable, low-emissions production.” 

The PrimeLineCOMPACT tissue machine, with a width of 3.65 m and a maximum operation speed of 1,650 m/min, produces high quality household grades, including toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs, and facial tissue. It is equipped with a series of innovative components such as:

  • PrimeFlow 2-layer headbox that minimizes slice deflection to achieve best cross-profile quality
  • PrimePress XT Evo shoe press including Impulse shoe press sleeves to ensure top quality paper with excellent bulk and high post-press dryness
  • PrimeDry Steel Yankee (18 ft. diameter) with canopy hood for energy-efficient drying and significant steam savings

ANDRITZ’s scope of supply also included the stock preparation system with Papillon refiners for processing up to 112 admt/d of pulp, an approach flow and broke handling system, and a PrimeControl DCS. For performance excellence, the machine is equipped with ANDRITZ forming fabrics, press felts and the innovative Impulse shoe press belt.

Yuen Foong Yu is a leading supplier of household products in Taiwan with well-known brands such as “Mayflower”, “Tender” and “Delight”, and operates the largest production plant for consumer paper in Taiwan.

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