OVERMADE, the well-known Italian company specialised in designing and manufacturing complete paper and tissue machines, continues its growth and today achieves an important milestone.

Following the investments plan, set up since the foundation of the company, and continuing to focus its actions on eco and logic solutions while widening its product portfolio, OVERMADE is proud to announce the birth of a new company in the MADE group’s family named POWERMADE.

Toscotec boosts the drying efficiency of its tissue lines with TT Drying Equilibrium, a simple and reliable system that ensures an optimal and automatic regulation of the air balance in the Yankee hoods and air system. The system was originally designed by Voith and transferred to Toscotec for further development in the synergy-creating cooperation established with the acquisition. TT Drying Equilibrium measures several attributes of the air going in and out of the hoods, and automatically adjusts the system to guarantee the highest productivity and energy efficiency.

In 2018, nearly 1.9 billion people purchased goods online. By 2021, that number is expected to reach 2.14 billion. While there are plenty of in-store shoppers, the meteoric increase in online shopping over the years has led to the expectations around shopping changing — even for retailers with physical locations.

Whether customers are buying from online sources like Amazon or are ordering online from brick-and-mortar retailers, every consumer expects their products to arrive quickly — and in good condition.

The global conversation surrounding sustainability and the ways in which we can incorporate more sustainable initiatives into our lives has accelerated in recent years, and it is poised to become increasingly important. Individuals and companies are beginning to assess the ways in which their actions contribute to environmental footprints, which presents a golden opportunity for the pulp and paper industry when it comes to developing innovative, sustainable packaging substitutes — specifically, fiber-based food packaging.

More than 2,000 years after the invention of paper in China, the country’s scientists are claiming another breakthrough that replaces its key ingredient with the dirty waste from coal-fired power plants.

The Yankee Dryer is a key component in a tissue paper production plant. Being subjected to both the pressure and the heating of the steam from the inside and the load of the presses from the outside, the Yankee Cylinder undergoes high thermal and mechanical stresses. To cope with this, a very complex mechanical structure that must meet extremely high requirements in terms of safety and operational reliability is required.

Paper machine clothing makers tell us that making high quality paper  and controlling production costs begins by selecting the right fabric.

Productivity, efficiency, improved paper properties, better fiber retention and drainage, reliable and predictable life expectancy are just some of the items on a papermaker’s punch- list for today’s paper machine clothing (PMC) companies.